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Try as you wish, Greg F-- there's no stopping this train.


I made this based off a tumblr user's comment following the Lego Shop at Home discovery ".... Poor guy though, he has to remain all secretive and silent while everyone else is getting super-excited and bombards him with questions. It’s like that Spider-Man movie in which Spidey tries to stop that train, just that it’s the Gregster instead of the webster and there’s no stopping the hype at all." (

EDIT: Since folks new to what happened are popping up, I'll lend some context. At the end of July, someone noticed that if you go on the LEGO Shop at Home website, and typed in Bionicle, you got a "coming soon" page, which is Doc Ock in this video 'cause it singlehandedly tore the brakes out of the hype train (my screencap of that page, as it was taken down within 24 hours of the news getting out: Over on the Official LEGO Message Boards, where Greg F answers questions, he has been desperately trying to deny the significance of it, insisting it was a coincidence and giving examples of other "glitches" on the site; he has yet to outright say Bionicle isn't coming back in response to any of the little things like image leaks and employee statements that have cropped up in recent weeks/months, which are all things that been brought up to Greg F who has been carefully dodging and tiptoeing around these things and giving excuses and technically correct answers, and nobody's buying it. It has been suggested that some of the answers Greg F has given were passed down through him from higher ups at LEGO, since as he's basically the PR liaison and ambassador to the fans, and so it was only fitting that he be the one that's trying to stop the hype train that's headed for the return of Bionicle in 2015, which basically everyone now agrees is inevitable-- that, and Greg F is a superhero in real life. That's what this video's all about.

If you've got a tumblr, here's my link to the video on my blog, for reblogging purposes:

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